3 Words That Can Hurt Your Relationship

Written on June 30, 2014 at 8:37 pm, by BrianMorse

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Whether couples have been together years or months, if sharing at the end of the day sounds more like a shame-festresentments build, the couple begins to feel disconnected, unloved, unheard, confused, angry and slowly the relationship begins deteriorating. There are 3 words that have a significant impact on how the relationship progresses (or doesn’t!). I’ve seen this dating advice used often.

Always, Never, All the time

Have  you noticed yourself saying things like, “He does that all the time!” or “I do that because I KNOW what’s going to happen…it always does!”  or “Well, she never changes so how can I expect anything different?”

These three words can be detrimental to a relationship. There are several ways to ensure these words don’t get used.

1.  Notice how often you use those 3 dreadful words: Always, Never, All the time?

2.  Each time you hear yourself - stop, pause, breathe – let them go, and invite in the possibility of something new; something more accurate. 

3.  Send a quick prayer using these words, “Surprise and delight me with something new!”

4.  Re-assess what you’re going to say and express yourself more accurately.

Stop assuming that your beloved (and you) are just going to repeat the past over and over again! Pause and acknowledge the new moment, the present moment — and watch how eliminating those 3 words from your vocabulary, changes the way you relate with your partner!

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